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Retirement Planning

HRSC team help your employees to consider and plan for life after work. Traditionally, retirement planning help has focused on the financial implications of moving away from work. At Connor, we do things differently, focusing on life after work and all of the possibilities – and uncertainties. Statistics shows 80% of over-60s said lack of purpose was one of their biggest worries about retirement. 

With HRSC complete retirement transition services we can guide your people through their hopes and aspirations for their unique retirement transition, help them positively manage the psychological change in identity, come to terms with what they are letting go, and support them as they create a
clear plan for a positive, healthy and fulfilled life after work.

Impact Of HR In Business and Society

Believes HR has the moral compass in promoting policies and practices that are sustainable for humans and the environment. Whilst these goals are not easy to achieve, HRSC Africa facilitates the dialogue between Business Leaders and employees as well as contribute to the organizational culture change by having continuous engagement plans

The objective of HRSC Africa Solutions

HRSC Africa offers a wide range of business and Management services. Individuals and companies throughout Kenya and East Africa have benefited from the professional guidance and consulting services offered by HRSC Africa. Investing in human capital and retaining talent may be cliched terms, but remain critical to the success of any organisation.

The HRSC Africa Approach

Focuses on the business processes which support the human resources functions, so that you really do turn your human capital into a strategic advantage