HRSC Africa – Events Planner

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HRSC Africa Events Planning has three Focus Areas 

HRSC Africa - Corporate Events Planning

HRSC   Micro and Macro events.

Micro events: up to 100 to 500 delegates.  This takes the form of meetings or more intimate training sessions.  Macro Events:  These are company -wide conferences, exhibitions conventions, and summits   between 1,000 to 5000 delegates

Available Popular products

  • Content Creation and Management
  • Event Budgeting & Marketing
  • Off Site Activities i.e. dinners, partner programs, Itinerary Planning., Award Ceremonies  
  • Events Registration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Attendee Hub Web
  • Check In & Badging
  • Webner Platform
  • Negotiated Venues eg Hotels, Board Rooms Conference Centers etc.
  • Negotiated Flight Booking

HRSC Africa- Team Building

We are the BEST!

HRSC Africa does not only deliver a team building program, but enhance the organizational synergies within the firm. We customize the team building programs to fit and accommodate the need of our clients.  HRSC Africa Team Building have various techniques.  We customized based on the needs of the client

  • Personality-Based Team Building
  • Activity-Based Team Building  
  • Skills-Based Team Building
  • Problem-Solving-Based Team Building
  • The Importance of Team Building
HRSC Africa Tour & Adventure

HRSC Africa – Tour & Adventure

Are you dreaming of the next great adventure, a trip that pushes both borders and boundaries?  HRSC Africa adventures stretches you mentally and physically.  Adventure creates a   lifetime story; you travel, learn, engage, and have fun.   HRSC Africa Adventures have customized activities that Includes multi adventures, personalized adventures, corporate adventures, peer adventures, Mentorship adventures.  We customize your adventure based on the needs fo the clients.