About Us

HRSC Africa is a privately owned company incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya. The Company is licensed to carry out Human Resource and Business Strategies in East Africa and its neighbouring regions. It was created to better serve Africa and its environs using the latest technology and services to enable our clients get to their optimal best capacity in Human Resource and business development processes and more so adjust with today’s dynamic business trends.

We provide flexible end to end solutions that assist your company and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible services at an affordable fee to realize the intended results. We have worked with small to large size private, government and non-profit organizations across diverse sectors where we have demonstrated expertise in a wide range of specialized human resources areas. 

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Who We Are

HRSC Africa is a Kenyan-based comprehensive human resources consultancy dedicated to helping organisations just like yours with their HR activities and work. Our team of highly skilled and experienced HR consultants have all had distinguished careers in senior HR management roles and bring with them a wealth of practical experience to their work.  We believe in creating productive and fruitful relationships with our clients by adding value to your business to ensure that you get the very best return on your HR spend.Our solutions, advice and guidance are uniquely designed and shaped around your exact requirements and objectives. They will fit with your culture and the business challenges that you currently face.

Passion Drives Organization Strategy

Impact Of HR In Business and Society​

Believes HR has the moral compass in promoting policies and practices that are sustainable for humans and the environment. Whilst these goals are not easy to achieve, HRSC Africa facilitates the dialogue between Business Leaders and employees as well as contribute to the organizational culture change by having continuous engagement plans

The objective of HRSC Africa Solutions

Any plan undertaken by HRSC Africa provide a solution to a prevailing need. Our belief is that; success of a plan determines the impact it is going to have on an organization and entire society. In this case, accountability is rendered paramount. HRSC Africa offers a wide range of business and Management services. Individuals and companies throughout Kenya and East Africa have benefited from the professional guidance and consulting services offered by HRSC Africa. Investing in human capital and retaining talent may be cliched terms, but remain critical to the success of any organisation.

The HRSC Africa Approach

                                                                                  Focuses on the business processes which support the human resources functions, so that you really do turn your human capital into a strategic advantage

Our Values

We always strive for more and believe in better

We work together to get things done.

We are always thinking up new ideas and disrupting the status quo.

We value everybody as an individual, and in their thoughts and

We can always do better, share what we know, and admit our

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National & County Governments

Agriculture Sector


Start-up Businesses

We take pride in all that we do..

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